Update on Value Vault Videos and Materials

Dear Readers & Contributors:

I accidently gave permission to one of you to modify the folder and guess what?All videos and materials got deleted!   This was by accident no doubt.

I have gone and made sure that everyone who has accessed the folder only has permission to VIEW the contents.

But I now have to upload 750MB files – 16 or more of them so it may take several hours (15) before everything is back up. Additional books and pdfs. will be added as well.  Please bear with me.

Also if you or new readers want continuous access to the Value Vault as new material is added then download the free www.yousendit.com app here: http://www.yousendit.com/applications

Then you will be alerted at your desktop whenever there is a change.   This will be like sharing a library where everyone can read whatever book/video is in the vault at any time.

Sorry for this inconvenience but within a day the Value Vault will be replenished.


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