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Michael Burry, the self-taught investor, who shorted sub-prime in the Big Short by Michael Lewis is interviewed here:

Don’t forget a favorite blog: Carl Icahn doing his bidding:

A country in collapse (Cuba) where dissidents protest the dual currency system:

Placing Europe in perspective:

Meanwhile guess what the Federal Reserve is busy doing?




Would investors be surprised by a “melt-up” in nominal values in the stock market?  I am not predicting this, just thinking where the greatest surprise could be.  Beware of US Treasuries.

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  1. Today (Wed. Nov. 30th, 2011) The Fed is coordinating a global money printing (electronically) bash. What a surprise! Stocks up 300 points +

    Do NOT own long-dated bonds. Stocks that can pass on price increases (Franchises–Coke, for example) should hold their own nominally, but in the end we all lose as a society.

    If you don’t know how the inflation process works, then
    download here:
    Ignorance ain’t an excuse!

    Pray for all of us.

  2. Love this web resource, thank you for such great work!!

    Referring to M1, M2, etc., while I don’t disagree that the temptation for developed economies to inflate out of this crisis is a dangerous game, the velocity of money so far in the US has continued to have a profound downward slope for most of the last three years. Mr. Chew, von Mises is a terrific resource, but seeing that this particular PDF completely skirts V as a topic is troubling (I thought these folks loved Milton Friedman!) The Fed can pour more and more into the glass, but it can’t make us drink it.

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