Housekeeping–Banks and SURPRISE!

I got wiped out personally in 1968, which was the last really crazy, silly stock market before the Internet era….After 1968, I became a great reader of history books. I was shocked and horrified to discover that I had just learned a lesson that was freely available all the way back to the South Sea Bubble.- Jeremy Grantham

As investors, we are only the limited product of our own experiences and therefore vulnerable unless we read and assimilate the accumulated wisdom of the great ones. And Financial history definitely tends to repeat itself.- Barton Biggs

Indeed, the evidence is compelling that when decade-long real stock returns are inordinately high by historical standards, returns in subsequent decades are likely to tumble; when past returns are exceptionally low, future returns are apt to rise. What it’s all about, it seems, is reversion to the mean. – John Bogle

The boom and the bust were normal—just two more swings in stock returns over the past century. Reversion to the mean is the iron rule of the financial markets. – John Bogle

Learn every day, but especially from the experiences of others. It’s cheaper! – John Bogle

People tell me this is a golden era –low inflation, low interest rates, slow growth-and therefore, we should all own common stocks. I remind those people that the best time I’ve ever know to invest in common stocks was, in fact, when we were not in a golden era. When we were in a very depressed period…the mid seventies….But it was precisely that gloom that created tremendous values in stocks. – Joe Rosenberg

You make money buying stocks on weakness and stocks in distress. You don’t make money buying stocks when they are in high demand. – Seth Glickenhaus

A period of prosperity contains the seed of its own destruction. – Phil Carret


All those who requested the folder on BANKS (Surprise is in there as well) should have received a key to the folder. I also sent out a SURPRISE to those who are in the VALUE VAULT. If you did not receive a link via email to the SURPRISE, then please email me at with only SURPRISE in the heading. Do not waste time with text just SURPRISE in the subject line. Sorry to be so secretive but if I told you then I would have to………..

Let me know what you learn from the link.

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