Question on Buffett’s Record as an Investor

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Research Question on Buffett

Today, someone asked if Warren Buffett–over the past five, ten and fifteen years–had a good investment record in marketable securities. The very idea that anyone would have the temerity to even consider such a question caused me to do this:

But after three people pulled me off of the questioner, I thought for a moment, “What proof did I have that Buffett has performed well? Where was my evidence, studies, facts, etc. that Buffett has performed better than a dart board portfolio?

I ask you, has anyone done or know of any research on Buffett’s investment performance in marketable securities? Of course, Buffett is hindered by massive assets and cash flows, but what is his performance compared to various benchmarks like mutual funds and the S&P 500? If no one has seen any proof, is Buffett being worshiped for his performance record of thirty years ago?

Let me know if you have any thoughts. No rush.

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