Housekeeping: Index of Folders (Distress)


I am back from my travels. Thanks for all the advice on storage and downloading services. I will read through and post your suggestions. The first order of the day will be building indexes for the various folders, so people can see what information they can request and download. Essentially these folders are like sections of a library that you should borrow from to learn more about investing.

The first index is of the Distress Folder:Distress

The folder has 7 books in PDF format on Distress Debt Investing, LBOs, Breakups, MBOs and 2 HBR case studies on bankruptcies. Many of these books were generously donated by readers. Thank you.

As always, if you would like access to this folder, please email me at with DISTRESS in the subject heading and within 24 hours I will email you a key.

I will be posting various indexes of folders each day until all the material is indexed. Perhaps, I will have the indexes on so people can automatically become aware of any updates.

I’ll be back:

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