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Saturday I will return to posting. Meanwhile, thanks for your patience.

One area that must improve on this blog with the increase in books, videos and material will be an index of folders and a better storage and downloading service.

Presently, I have about 20 gigs on   Many have complained of the slow downloading, the problems with key access, etc.

People who want access to the various folders have emailed me at requesting a key to the value vault. I, in turn, email them the link (key) to access the folder(s) and then the person can download.

I will research alternatives. If anyone thinks that they have a good suggestion for a storage and downloading service, I would love to hear from you either by email or post.   I am hesitant to put up more books and videos with all the glitches with  Remember that eventually there will be about 100 books, videos and thousands of case studies over the next 20 years, so we need a flexible service. Transferring all the material from one service to the next will not be fun, so let’s research this carefully.

Thanks for your patience and be patient in the market.

Best always,

John Chew

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  1. john – you should just put everything in a master dropbox folder and share it to those who request. on dropbox, size is not really an issue, and you can create many subsections

    • My main concern is that as the size grows, it becomes more confusing as to which resources are valuable or what they’re about. Even now, it’s becoming quite difficult to know what’s the material actually refering to.

      IMHO, a good index could go a long in helping newcomers find what they want. Even better if each file could have a short description on what it’s about. If this could be edited by us users, it would be helpful to other newcomers in the future.

  2. Hmmm… this needs quite a lot of thought ahead. Before deciding on the hosting service, could we brainstorm on an index first, so that the categorisation of the books, case studies and videos are more systematic? It needs to be flexible enough for new categories to be slotted in.

    For example:
    10000 Value Investing
    10100 Value Investing Books
    10200 Value Investing Lectures
    10201 Value Investing – Prof Greenwald

    20000 Austrian Economics

  3. Here’s an article on the top 5 online storage sites:

    There is a rumor that Google is coming out with a competing service next week.

    One complication is that we have outgrown the free services. Will you take donations? Ads?

  4. Most people I know use dropbox. But I don’t know exact capacity and constraints. I use other services like Evernotes etc. but don’t think they are usefull for this since constraint by capacity.

  5. +1 for Google Drive which should be announced next week.

    I’m sure it will have a far better user experience both for the server and client side, including support from third party apps. It is setup for the long term and based on current pricing from Google for other services it should be very economical.

    • Dear Roy:

      Once I am back in the office this Saturdy April 21st, I will see what everyone has sent for suggestions.

      Thanks for the input. Things gotta improve.

  6. Thanks for all the resources my 2 main concerns are:
    a 1 key for all
    b a chronological record of when it was added

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