Investment Banking

Investment Banking Book

How Investment Bankers analyze companies. To see more recent work on mergers and acquisitions go to the SEC web-site and view merger proxies.  Also, in the Value Vault.


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  1. What I also sometimes recommend to people is reading Bwater material about ‘how the machine works’ etc. I was however wondering whether somebody knew where to find even more less known material of this money management firm? (I did my own work here already but maybe somebody know another blog or so that gathers Dalios opinions for example).

  2. Btw, I believe ‘a template for understanding’, ‘why countries succeed and fail’ and ‘an in dept look at deleveragings’ are really good reading pieces to put things into perspective!

    • Dear PT:

      Good recs. I am almost finished Why Companies Succeed and Fail.
      John Locke got it started back in 1690. All individuals are born with equal rights so they have no duty to obey a Sovereign UNLESS they agree to obey. Private property more important than life itself. Why? Property lives on after our death.

  3. Hey PT, I’ve been looking for more of Bwater’s material myself. You can find some samples of their “Daily Observations” on their website in the same place as the works you mentioned above.

  4. Yep idd, I have some daily observations already as well as transcripts from Charlie Rose interview, Economist, BB and chapters from HF-wizards. I was just wondering whether I was missing any relevant material:)

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