Analyst Position; More on the Fed’s QE3

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Creating Value Through Corporate Restructuring Course-1 You should add this to the prior post. This syllabus should be read with the book by Gilson: Creating Value Through Corporate Restructuring. Really diligent students will buy and read the corresponding HBS case studies. Perhaps I will post those case studies in a few months.

Analyst Job Posting

I am posting this job opening for several reasons. First, you can apply. Secondly, this ad shows what a typical money management firm would be seeking. You can see that they do not want to train someone from the ground up. Thirdly, note the standard requirements: CFA, Finance Degree, prior work at a finance firm–but I will pay any reader to show a correlation and/or proof that those requirements lead to investment success. A better method to build a great team would be to look at the requirements of the job compared to the skills and characteristics of the candidates. The analyst must search (find), value and monitor investments or potential investments. The candidates would need to be independent thinkers, relentlessly curious, and able to analyze an industry/company.  The only way to improve on a market index is to be different from the index. “If you want to have a better performance than the crowd, you must do things differently from the crowd.”—SIR JOHN TEMPLETON

Again, I am amazed with the group-think on Wall Street. Everybody seems to want the same experience, background and training, but then how can one be different from the typical market participant?  Wouldn’t an investigative journalist be a potential candidate for digging into company reports rather than a CFA?  How about an entrepreneur who has started and run a company–wouldnt that person have different insights? The skepticism, curiosity, relentless digging and tying together disparate facts that an investigator thrives on would be my choice over a typical CFA candidate.  Wall Street is MBAed to death.

Therefore, do not be discouraged if you don’t fit INTO THE BOX. Send an example of your work on an industry and/or company. And if you don’t have a body of work, then start building one.  GOOD LUCK.

Analyst @ Conatus Capital Management LP (Greenwich, CT)

Full-time, work with senior investment team in sourcing , analyzing and monitoring equity investment opportunities. Perform detailed business and financial due diligence, including analyzing company opportunities, management and secular industry trends. Create detailed financial and operational models for current and potential portfolio companies to conduct intricate financial and valuation analyses.

Analyze M&A, equity and capital market transactions, restructuring and leverage recaps in companies with opportunities in North America, Europe & Asia using fundamental bottom-up operational modeling, accretion & dilution analysis and capital structuring modeling.


Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance or related & three years experience as Junior or related role at investment management firm.  Also, requires following experience: three years with valuation analysis of companies operating in NA, Europe and Asia; Three years with bottom up operational modeling of companies; analyzing M&A valuation; analyzing debt and equity capital market transaction; analyzing and valuing companies in Global Tech and Alternative Energy (wind & Solar) sections; analyzing and valuing companies in Global Finance section

CFA Level 1 & 2. Contact: Elizabeth Urdan, Conatus Capital, 2 Greenwich Plaza 06830

Conatus Capital Management LP at Two Greenwich Plaza 4th Floor , Greenwich , CT , 06830 , United States                          Phone: 1-203-485-5200

Description: Conatus Capital Management LP is an employee owned hedge fund sponsor. The firm primarily provides its services to pooled investments vehicles. It invests in public equity markets across the globe. The firm employs a combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis to make its investments. It uses internal research to make its investments. Conatus Capital Management LP was founded in 2007 and is based in Greenwich, Connecticut.

James Loy, Chief Technology Officer

Geoffrey Hamilton, Victor Ho, David Stemerman, Founder

More on the Fed

Robert Murphy on QE3: Buying a specific asset class (Mortgage backed securities) is an opening for massive corruption.

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