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If You Want A Job With Whitney Tilson, Don’t Send Him A Resume — Try Something Much More Aggressive

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Like most big name hedge fund managers, Whitney Tilson, the founder of T2 Partners, gets a lot of emails and resumes from people seeking a job at his fund.

The thing is Tilson doesn’t want a resume.

If you want a job at T2 Partners, you’ve got to be much more aggressive than that.

“I would tell anyone, when somebody emails me, I get lots of emails from people looking for a job and anyone who attaches a resume, I’m not interested because everybody’s got a resume. Send me a short write-up of your best investment idea,” Tilson told Business Insider at the Value Investing Congress last week.

He’s giving some really good advice here.

In this environment, you’ve really got to find a way to stand out from the crowd.

This reminds us of the scene in Oliver Stone’s “Wall Street” when young stockbroker Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen) really wanted to work for Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas). During a brief interview, Fox pitched a bunch of stock ideas to Gekko.

Of course, we’re not saying give inside information like Fox did in the film, but you get the point: Pitching an idea is the way to stand out.

Take 27-year-old analyst at New York-based hedge fund LionEye Capital Management, Ryan Fusaro, for instance.

Fusaro told Business Insider last week that he would put together investment presentations and send them out to people he respected in the industry.

That definitely shows gumption on his part and people do notice.

He was hired at Lion Eye Capital from a fund of funds about five weeks ago.

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