Investment Skills Quiz: Go Long and Go Short for Five Years



You are tired of reading all the theory on growth investing and Wall Street is in a perpetual down cycle. What to do? You sign on for a five-year mission to kidnap the Pope from the Vatican and replace him with Madonna dressed as the Pope. Yes, THAT Madonna Times are desperate.

As payment, Mission Control will allow you to short $10 million worth of Company A or B while simultaneously buying $10 million of either Company A or B. You choose. The paymaster will total up your profits or losses at the end of your five-year mission. Once you make your choice, you will have to wait upon your return (assuming you live) to close out your positions.  Good luck and state the reasons for your choice.

Click on this to see how you receive your instructions and then this paper Investing Quiz Go Long and Go Short to choose which company you will buy and which company you will short.

The actual 10-Ks will be posted in a day or so, and we will learn the results of your choices.



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