Another Email from Nigeria (Creative Scams)

The first scam that I have come across that tugs at the heartstrings. My spam box receives about 25 a day.  I wonder what the scammer’s conversion rate is…………




Apology for invading your privacy. I came across your email address in my email book today as my spirit leads. I have been praying and fasting for direction to meet someone i can trust with my life endeavors for humanitarian purpose. I’m Kate Johnson, 70-yrs old from England affected with cancer of the breast.  My condition has deteriorated to the 5th stage. My surgical specialist informed me recently that i would not be able to survive my next surgery is a matter of 50/50 Operation. That might just be trust as my medical Report explained more in details. Right now, am left with no hope as a childless widow.

Considering my condition now, I have been touched by the lord to donate from what I have inherited from my late husband to less privilege through someone i can trust with my heart as my spirit lead me  for good work to humanity rather than allow my heartless relatives to use my husband’s hard earned funds inappropriately. Right now, am on sick bed at cancer center in Liverpool, England for treatment. Am writing you this letter purposely because i need to know if you can be trusted to handle a humanitarian project for me. I am willing to donate a huge Amount to the poor through a Godly minded and honest person since is very impossible for me to even get up from sick bed. Can you help me?

Please send full contact details so you can receive my donation.

Kindly get back to me as soon as possible for further details on what to next, waiting for your urgent responds.

Best Regards,

Kate Johnson.

Wow, my hankie is soaked with tears. A childless widow dying of cancer needs my help to donate for humanitarian causes. Sob.  


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