Money for Nothing (Inside the Federal Reserve)

Producer discusses the above movie–a good discussion about the U.S. Dollar¬†

How do you like the Fed’s ability to stabilize the dollar (stable money) and the economy?

Worth the time to study the above.  Pop Quiz: What Exactly Backs the dollar?

Hint: 1. 8,000 tonnes of gold (hopefully!) and…………?

2 responses to “Money for Nothing (Inside the Federal Reserve)

  1. dollar is backed by US industry, innovation hubs and political power.

    • So every dollar is a liability on the balance sheet of the Fed matched by its assets of gold (8,000 tonnes) and US Bonds and Mortgage Back Securities. The size of the US economy and its military power certainly helps to foster international trade in the dollar, making it a reserve currency. But why have the dollar managed by government?

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