Austrian Business Cycle Theory and Greece


The above audio link gives you a synopsis of the Greek Crisis.   To understand the future then read:

Reformulation of ABCT_Salerno

The Austrian Theory of the Business Cycle


We are screwed or the collapse of welfare states:


Please a day of silence for the end of pit trading



3 responses to “Austrian Business Cycle Theory and Greece

  1. Greece default is a matter of you pointed in the article above they will try to save them because a contagion is coming and if they default that is the end of Euro, my opinion..

    Basically this is the End for the Euro – even this year or next year..

  2. The whole structure of the Euro is flawed economically. If Greece freed up its economy, lowered taxes, radically reduced government, and went to sound money–a gold backed Drachma, then Greece could become the Singapore of Europe. I ain’t holding my breath, but why not.

    You can hold off the laws of economics for a while but the inevitable can’t be staved off. Illinois is the next PR.

  3. Tom Henderson

    Greece is screwed because the have Marxists, statist, left of the lunatic fringe clowns running the country, the new fin min is as hardcore Marxist as they come.

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