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Argonaut Capital
Bargain Magazine
Bronte Capital
Clark Street Value
Farnam Street
Keep on track
Marathon Reviews
Swiss financial markets commentary

I downloaded several excellent articlues on the Capital Cycle from Marathon Reviews.    Search for and find other good sources, then let others know at the Deep-Value discussion board–go to http://csinvesting.org/2015/01/14/deep-value-group-at-google/


  1. Savvy owners, savvy investors? – Larry Sarbit
  2. The great unbundlingBen Thompson
  3. Amazon is eating the retail worldBen Carlson
  4. Aurelius on business, investing, lifeRavi Nagarajan
  5. Pabrai’s market-beating approach – Preston Pysh
  6. Cassandra’s songJohn Hussman
  7. President Obama on booksMichiko Kakutani
  8. Restaurant industry bubbleKevin Alexander
  9. A chat with Daniel Kahneman – Morgan Housel
  10. Knowing your investment boundaries – John Huber
  11. Letters: AnabaticArquitos | Askeladden | BronteD&C | Greenlight | GreenWoodJDPLMMOakmark | Pershing | VltavaWedgewood

The Meaning Crisis for College Students

2 responses to “Other Blogs/Websites to Read; The Meaning Crisis

  1. Does anyone have examples of actual analysis they have done using this capital cycle approach promoted by Marathon/chancellor?
    I have just finished reading the book, there is alot of “talk” about the approach but no real detail.

    • That is an excellent question. From reading the book you know to look at depreciation vs capex over a full cycle. It should be pretty obviouse whether firms are increasing or decreasing their investments.

      Note the mining industry –look at annual report for Newmont Gold or Rio Tinto.

      Now look at annual reports for semi-conductor companies–are they investing heavily now.

      I will keep an eye out for any reports and please do the same.

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