Weekend Reading; A Practicing Stoic


Winner take all economy: Winner Take All 13D Article

A STOIC in Action or Practicing Stoicism

3 responses to “Weekend Reading; A Practicing Stoic

  1. McGregor could be a stoic stage but against Mayweather he is getting smoked. I don’t usually bet on sports but -600 on Mayweather is looking ridiculously generous.

  2. Mayweather’s moat is his experience and the margin of safety is that McGregor has never had one boxing fight in his entire life.
    It’s like a start up without even having developed a single product challenging MSFT and overtaking them within a time span of like a year. It’s not going to happen.

  3. From the perspective of business and investing, McGregor has already won…He’s come up from nothing, he’s multiplied the money he receives and will receive from subsequent fights…Or in value investing terms he has minimal downside and unlimited upside. In fact, both the fighters win…and given their showmanship the audience (customers) likely to win too…smart win/win business.

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