Excellent Investing Video (Templeton, Buffett & Wilson)


Yes, I will still post on Sandstrom Gold (SAND) but another day.

The interviewer, “Adam Smith,” says the similarities among the investors are:

  • They have independence of mind
  • They trust their perceptions
  • They stick to what they know
  • They are intelligent
  • They have fun

After viewing the video, whip out a piece of paper and quickly jot down what EXACTLY can YOU use in your own investing approach?  Be specific! STOP! Take a walk for 20 minutes, then write down some more thoughts.   See the video again.  What can YOU implement?

I will post my thoughts next week.

4 responses to “Excellent Investing Video (Templeton, Buffett & Wilson)

  1. Hi john,
    I was wondering if you have posted your comments / thoughts on Sandstorm as yet and where could I find them please.

    • I will by this Tuesday. I was waiting for SAND to fall below $4.00 to make a timely post, but alas, the market has been stronger recently.

    • Nichola, perhaps I should wait until a reader or readers do their own valuation and post.

      That way, folks learn by doing instead of reading.

      I will wait until then.

  2. I am a fan of informative content, especially when it’s this good. Your views are interesting and I really like that.

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