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Attribution, Sharing and the Education Bubble

I am off the beaten track down in Mexico but occasionally I reach an Internet Cafe with dial up. Who cares if it takes a week to download a file?   Upon return I will post more case studies and supporting material  for additional video lectures. Then, if you wish, I will send you other video lectures.


Just a housekeeping matter: a reader alerted me that www.valuewalk.com posted some of the lectures on this blog without attribution. Anyone can share and post these lectures, make critiques, and discuss the material here or on their own site with or without attribution. I believe in the creative commons approach to information. Many great investors helped me and if I can share my material as a way to give back then great. Please feel free to share the lectures with anyone. The videos are the exception for privacy reasons.

Education Bubble

The other goal of this blog is to learn how to become the best investor you can be.  You do not have to go to a fancy MBA program, obtain a Chartered Financial Analyst certification (¨CFA¨) or have gone to Harvard to become a good investor.   You do have to study the right principles, keep diligently applying those principles through your own circle of competence and the opportunities in front of you or in the future, don´t firtter away your time (listening to the pundits on CNBC for investing ideas might qualify) and track of your progress.

Acquiring knowledge is important but there are many ways to learn. The article below describes the bubble in traditional education: http://lewrockwell.com/bonner/bonner515.html

An excerpt:

A zoo economy keeps the old animals alive as long as possible.

Let’s look at education. Now, there’s an industry – we can all agree – that adds value. You could look at it as a charitable activity. Or as a profit-making business. Either way, education has to be a plus for the individual and for the society, right?

Wrong on both points. Education is only a benefit when freely floating prices are allowed to determine what it is worth. First, let us look at the whole industry…..