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The Abyss; Valuation Exercises; This Will End

Supply side

Sliding into the Keynesian Abyss

The decline of the U.S. economy is the logical outcome of Keynesian economics, which enshrines central economic planning and embraces central banking. The unholy alliance of the federal government, the Federal Reserve, and Wall Street has all but eliminated capitalism and has transformed the United States from a burgeoning free-market economy into a failing corporate state.

The U.S. federal government, the Federal Reserve, and Wall Street each played a role in the progression from central economic planning and central banking to a corporate state. Politicians used Keynesian economics to justify big government, a welfare state, and budget deficits. The Federal Reserve sought to grow the economy through monetary expansion, thereby crippling it. At the same time, Wall Street sought higher profits through influence over the government. The resulting corporate state undermined capitalism and the free market in the United States and produced a downward spiral of economic decline from which there is no escape without fundamental reforms. See full article: August2012

30-minute lecture on Austrian Business Cycle: http://youtu.be/VETB4DZbZwQ

Study Guide and Courses on Austrian Economics: http://lewrockwell.com/woods/woods177.html INCREDIBLE!


Valuation Exercises

Remember that I will review our last exercise in this post, http://wp.me/p2OaYY-1MO after Easter (this weekend). Also, take five minutes each at a maximum and say whether you would buy the businesses and at what price? Why or why not? EXPD_VL and NVDA_VL.

This Will End (Financial Repression as represented by the low VIX)


 Like this:

If you don’t believe me then sit in on an FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) meeting here:

Have a Great Easter!

P.S. Insiders buying: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-investor/inside-the-market/corporate-insiders-increasingly-bullish-on-gold/article6482759/