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SNPK has ANOTHER bad week, KIWI and Polaroid/Kodak Case Studies; Mastery

Another blood bath for “shareholders”

The saga continues as the scam/promotion unwinds inevitably. The fascinating aspect of this study is how the boom bust cycle of SNPK looks similar to the

NASDAQ’s boom/bust cycle of 1993 to 2002.

Note the rise from 1992, then accelerated rise in 1998 to mid-2000 that reached a crescendo and then the collapse in price in 2000/2002–leading to the slow decline as frustrated and stubborn investors throw in the towel. But in the case of SNPK, since it is a promote, there will be no rebirth–just a quote of $0 bid and $.000001 offer by next year.


Case Studies

This week has been hectic as you can see from this video of my research team at work:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pblj3JHF-Jo.

My next posts on Monday or Tuesday will be on the analysis of our two cases studies in Competition Demystified (Chapters 12 and 13)

Anyone want a crack first?

Chapter 12: Fear of Not Flying: Kiwi Enters the Airline Industry

  1. Describe Kiwi’s entry strategy and explain why it was initially successful. Where did they go wrong and why?
  2. What is the evidence that there were no existing barriers to entry in the airline industry in the 1980s?

Kiwi Airlines CS

Chapter 13: No Instant Gratification: Kodak Takes on Polaroid.

  1. Detail Polaroid’s competitive advantages in the instant photography market.
  2. What were Polaroid’s responses to Kodak’s launch into the instant photography market?
  3. Was there an alternative approach for Kodak that might have been more successful?
  4. If you were running Kodak in the 1970s, what strategy would you have followed—given all the benefits of hindsight?

Kodak vs Polaroid CS




What can you apply to the world of investing?

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