Thinking Uniquely: Michael Burry’s Commencement Address; GWBU Bloodbath

Dr. Michael J. Burry (The Big Short) giving a commencement address at UCLA Economics Department in 2012.

Note what he says happened to him AFTER he pointed out to the higher powers in government that he foresaw the 2008 Financial Crisis so why didn’t they? Chilling! Note his comments on how to handle the tough situation the young face today.


Last mentioned: The pump didn’t last long so now the DUMP.

And you thought your stocks took a beating yesterday–GWBU falls 63%……..on its way to its support level of $0.00.

One response to “Thinking Uniquely: Michael Burry’s Commencement Address; GWBU Bloodbath

  1. I stand corrected. GWBGU is having a “CORRECTION” not a “Collapse.” Yes, Elephants can fly.
    Latest promotion to hit my email in-box: Dear valued subscribers,

    We are about to reveal to you why it is a GREAT thing that GWBU consolidated!

    But first… As you may have noticed, GWBU dropped last week, and we don’t see this as a bad thing, please remember that our last two picks dropped significantly before reaching their highest points.

    Our subscribers were extremely happy that they weathered the storm. We see this drop as nothing but an opportunity to get on board one last time before GWBU jumps dramatically and begins trading at over $2.

    As we mentioned to you earlier, GWBU is a company with a long-term plan. They already have signed contracts worth millions in Europe which guarantees bigger purchases over the next 5 years. They are currently working with Mercedes-Benz and they hold the key to more environmental friendly engine combustion which is a huge problem in the world today.

    Now for the ironic news, the reason why we are happy to see GWBU temporarily go down.


    That’s right, one of the main reasons we believe GWBU is going to catch a huge second wind is because it is going under, under water that is! Just this week GWBU announced that their state of the art technology, the fuel efficiency and emission device (or FEED), will be going under water. Indeed they have produced a new version of FEED which meets the needs of the leisure boat industry, commercial ferry and marine shipping sectors. (Funny!)

    Now think about what this means. The state of the art technology which put GWBU on the map and made it see huge gains right in the beginning, the very same technology that gave our faithful subscribers enormous profit, is now hitting a whole new sector, a multi billion dollar sector. As unique as FEED is in terms of ground transportation technology, fuel economic water transportation is an extremely uncharted territory.

    Anyone who is concerned about the environment is aware of the enormous amounts of fuel waste that is being injected into our oceans due to water transportation. If FEED’s first level of testing which will take place this week is nearly as successful as it was with ground transportation, we can easily expect to see gains of 1000% and more. and now for the better news and the moment all GWBU investors have been waiting for: GWBU IS FINALLY EXPANDING TO THE STATES!

    That’s right, just a few days ago GWBU announced commercial plans to introduce FEED in the American marketplace to help the diesel trucking industry achieve the new standards forth coming under the Clean Air Act, an act set forward by the US Environmental protection Agency(EPA). EPA’s mission with the clean air act is to keep the environment as clean as possible and to protect the ozone layer.

    Diesel is a cancer causing substance and is extremely hazardous for the environment. It is for this reason that GWBU is negotiating with the States and intends on introducing FEED to the USA. Just imagine what a move like this will do to the stock? Will you take a second to think about the positive impact of such a move? Keep in mind that DEKRA, a company which focuses on the safety and quality of modern technology has already recognized that FEED can effectively reduce emissions and improve the “Euro-rating.”

    DEKRA concluded that fitting a vehicle with the Start FEED unit typically improves tail pipe emissions by 2 classes under the Euro standard ranking system, thus moving a Euro 3 rated vehicle up to the highest category, a Euro 5.

    Small dips in price stand no chance against consistent results, the minute this news makes its way to wall street, we can say goodbye to trading at these low prices. Look at the facts, GWBU seems unstoppable.

    We’ve had picks go through ups and downs before really picking up, but give us credit where it is due; normally when we stick to a pick this tightly, it is with good reason.

    We truly believe that GWBU has a revolutionary product and that they are about to make some very big moves. This just feels like one of those moments that our faithful subscribers will look back to with a huge smile on their face, and we want you to be part of this!

    The InsidersLabTeam

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