Burry Letters; Dalio (Leveraging and Deleveraging) and Leucadia ARs.

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Burry Letters

BURRY_Scion_3Q_2006 and BURRY_Scion_1Q_2008

Leverage and Deleverage Updated March 2012

Dalio_Leveraging and Deleveraging

Buy high and sell low-Managing Money Managers

Hiring Money Managers or Buy High and Sell Low

Leucadia Annual Letters

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Out of surgery and probably in recovery.

4 responses to “Burry Letters; Dalio (Leveraging and Deleveraging) and Leucadia ARs.

  1. Good luck John!

  2. If you don’t make it and you happen to meet Graham up there, could you please ask for his opinion on the current situation?

    I’m sure you’ll be fine.

  3. Get well soon! Thanks for your good work here…

  4. I appreciate this blog and the info very much. I hope you recover soon, after all, who the hell else am I gonna get all these awesome shared files from??? (heh). Honestly and sincerely hope you get better soon and that your future health is outstanding. Take care.

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