Two Value Investors with an “Austrian” Perspective; Florida Land Booms/Busts


Junior gold mining stocks (GDXJ) vs. the physical gold price (PHYS)

The new global monetary standard, unlimited quantitative easing–Fred Hickey

A thirty minute interview worth hearing. Pay attention to what these value investors say about Austrian (“common-sense”) economics.

The Great Florida Land Boom

I love the old pictures and advertisements to take me back to prior booms/busts, but gazing at historical facts won’t help you–other than make you aware that the world can change drastically and suddenly–because you need a proper theory of the trade cycle to understand causality and sequence of events. This might help:Reformulation of ABCT_Salerno

Go back in time and see how the 1920s boom relates to more recent real estate speculation in Florida.








A short video of Florida Real Estate MALINVESTMENT:




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