Lecture 4 on Mises’ Theory of Money and Credit; Of Interest

Basket of Goods

Government finance and the nation’s medium of exchange have in the future to be two separate things. -Ludwig von Mises

The real secret of magic lies in the performance.–David Copperfield

Lecture 3 was here:http://wp.me/p2OaYY-1Sh


Lecture 4: Listen to the lecture:



while viewing the lecture slides:Econ400 Lecture 4

Readings: Money and Credit_Mises Ch 7 and 8

Quiz: Quiz for Lecture 4 Readings Chapters 7

Supplementary Readings:

honest money 

Gold Wars

Conditions Today



Video Presentation from an “Austrian” Money Manager, John Hussman http://www.winecountryconference.com/2013-speaker-presentations/

Beware of profit margin REVERSION TO THE MEAN! http://greenbackd.com/2013/04/19/jeremy-grantham-profit-margins-are-probably-the-most-mean-reverting-series-in-finance/

Great Blog on gold, money and markets from an Austrian perspective: www.acting-man.com

Great Attitude for an investor (Rick Rule)


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