Looking At Bottoms; Gold Stocks


No, not these…..





I mean these……….. (Thanks to http://www.classicvalueinvestors.com/

Gold Stocks

The table below is meant to highlight the HUGE price ranges of the micro-cap junior precious metals sector. I tend to avoid or make allowance for some of these companies going to $0.00 or diluting shareholders with equity offerings.


 If you go back and read the author’s post over the past two years, you will get a feel for the suffering of investors who ride a BIG BEAR market in small junior mining stocks. Be aware of the downside as well! See:  http://classicvalueinvestors.com/i/2014/03/goldgroup-mining-this-is-what-i-call-a-great-day/

How one investor changed his life by developing his OWN method of investing.

Below is an advertisement to get you to hear the audio story. The ad places the HOOK, “an unusual money-making secret.”  Baloney, he doesn’t use any “secret”. He simply found a method to value, buy cheaply, and manage a portfolio of precious metals’ stocks.  And over the years he has done extremely well while stomaching swings of 50% or more. He can hold on, because of his work and confidence. THAT is his secret. I know this guy and you should listen to the interview. Yes, a bit hokey at first –who cares that he got revenge on his ex-wife–but a true story. There are LESSONS here.

Dear Reader,

If you’re a middle-aged guy, divorce is one of the worst things that can happen to you. It can ruin you, both financially and emotionally.

But I recently heard the story of a Ft. Lauderdale man named John  (Actually, John Doody of www.goldstockanalyst.com) who discovered an unusual moneymaking secret after going through a bitter divorce.

John says this secret has made him a multimillionaire over the past decade… even though his ex-wife took almost all of his assets. And he asked us if he could share his story with you.

In fact, he says he even went through the expense of having his transactions verified by an independent auditing firm… just so he could prove his incredible story to the world.

Click here to listen to John’s story.

Jan. 2014 Interview of John Doody (down 50% in 2013!) http://youtu.be/95gjTXIGsgU


Will Bonner, Publisher, Diary of a Rogue Economist 

Who Wants to Analyze a Gold Stock?

If there is interest, we can work through a company in a few posts next week.


4 responses to “Looking At Bottoms; Gold Stocks

  1. It’s now becoming apparent that John Doody thoroughly understands the industry he invests within, and has chosen certain players, ie royalty companies piggybacking off of the producers, junior miners with a developed pipeline of production, etc…

    The lightbulb went off in my head: the same applies for valuation metrics of companies, it’s not one size fits all, DCF or ROIC, it really depends on the understanding the industry and company’s source of income.
    There are so many different categories… is the income stream from discovery of assets, production of physical goods, or the abilities of the employees as in a service industry… No wonder tech companies are so hard to value, they’re asset light, and heavy in intangibles…
    Count me in, I would be interested in trying to analyse a gold miner…

    • OK, we will start Monday. Start thinking about how you would approach an industry for the first time. Hint: Greenwald’s Strategic Logic.

  2. Count me in as well. I have been meaning to take a good look into miners for a while, as i think there’s some mispricing there, but am firmly aware of just how little I know about the space. A primer would be much appreciated!

  3. Gram and Doodleys

    Lets analyze gold stocks!!! from A to Z!!! with detailed valuation of IS & BS

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