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NOT a Good Week for Pump and Dump-SNPK

We last discussed the scam, illusion and/or fantasy of SNPK http://wp.me/p1PgpH-E7 and our first mention of this impending disaster was on March 13, 2012:http://wp.me/p1PgpH-E7

Whoops! Not a Good Week for SNPK

Expect to see SNPK trading BELOW (sub 5 cents) at the levels of this other Pump and Dump, NSTR, within the next 12 months. Anybody want to take the other side of that bet?

This post was to keep you abreast as a warning and learning exercise–you don’t have to flush your hard-earned cash away to know that the above “company” exists solely to fleece “shareholders.” How many innocents are saying, “What the F! #$%& happened?” I am sure the SEC will start their “investigation” a year or two after the fleecing. Oh well….

You can learn more about how Pump and Dumps work here: http://www.pennystockresearch.com/snpk-rsrs-ewsi-pump-and-dump-alerts-april-27-2012/

This week we’re exposing these three popular Pump & Dumps: Sunpeaks Ventures (SNPK), Regency Resources (RSRS), and E-Waste Systems (EWSI).

On Pump and Dump Friday, we identify a few of the potentially “bogus” promotions going on in penny stocks today.

If you don’t know how these schemes work, be sure to check out the free report.

Without further ado, here are today’s “disasters waiting to happen”:

Sunpeaks Ventures (SNPK)

For the second week in a row, I have to say “I told you so!”

It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.  The pumpers telegraph their moves so plainly it’s scary!   Last week I told you to watch out for a dead cat bounce and then shares would take another dive…Well they have! 

Have a great weekend and thanks for the generous contributions on advising a reader about transitioning/learning to become a value investor.

Back again on Monday with case study analysis on Kiwi Airlines from Competition Demystified.