Distressed Investing Value Vault Folder Posted

Capitalism without bankruptcy is like Christianity without hell.–Frank Borman

Distressed Investing Folder

A key has been mailed to all those who have requested keys before. If you did not receive a key, please email ALDRIDGE@AOL.COM with DISTRESSED in the subject heading, and I will send you a key by the next day.  This is a new folder with the following five books. From time-to-time we will add to the books here. Those who have material they think will help investors learn, please share.

These books were donated by Saran, an investor/reader from India.

  1. Bankruptcy__distressed_restructurings.pdf
  2. Buyyout_MBO.pdf
  3. Corporate_Financial_Distress_and_Bankruptcy.pdf
  4. Creating_Value_Through_Corporate_Restructuring.pdf
  5. Distressed_debt_analysis_Moyer.pdf       Excellent!

Funeral Industry Case Studies

If you received the email and you do not want to be on the email list, please reply with DELETE in the subject heading.  Your email will remain private.

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