Learning from Other Investors; Buffett Recommends Gold

Learning from other Investors

I grouped several presentations from the Omaha May 6 and 7th Value Investors Conference for easier readingOmaha Value Conference Presentations May 2012.

I suggest that when you read the notes and see the name of a company–then try to download that company’s financials and value it.  Compare your analysis and valuation with the presentations below. Learn why your analysis differs from the presenter. Note Robotti’s presentation on Enerflex, Ltd. and N3’s presentation on SPN. Try your hand at valuing those companies BEFORE you read their analysis.


Also Graham and Doddesville Letter from CIMA: http://www.grahamanddoddsville.net/ or Spring 2012

James Montier’s Behavioral Investing Podcast

His talk starts at the 18:30 mark. Note his comments on fin. models and the Fed. http://cfapodcast.smartpros.com/web/live_events/Annual/Montier/index.html

Buffett on Gold

Howard Buffett on the Gold Standard

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