Coal’s Sunset/The Capital Cycle; Graham Bangs the Table

millenniumforce02wide was our last discussion on the capital cycle.


Now, look at these two excellent posts on Coal.

A perspective on current conditions in other markets:

The Big Long – Final Feb 28 2016 The writer promises a follow up to discuss catalysts–which, I believe, will be the change in supply and demand dynamics and the capital cycle. See article referred to here: 2_Buffett and Graham Call the 1974 Market Bottom

and for more historical and emotional perspective:


2 responses to “Coal’s Sunset/The Capital Cycle; Graham Bangs the Table

  1. I’ve learnt more from this blog for application in investing in the past year than I have in all my years studying finance at university and my CFA course.

    Thank you very much John Chew.

  2. Thanks, hopefully you can spur others to learn as well.

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