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Dr. Henry Singleton, The SULTAN of Buybacks

singletonAny student of investing would do well to supplement his study of Buffett with the below case study on Henry Singleton. Guess who learned and copied Singleton in how he managed Berkshire Hathaway?

One investor, Leon Cooperman, helped his career enormously by investing and staying with his Teledyne investment.

Case Studies:

PS: A reader delved in the book on Teledyne’s history by interlibrary loan. The book, A Distant Force recounts a manager’s experience with Teledyne.

 A reader writes, “I came across this website in a recent HBR entry discussing the Mittlesland which was really thought provoking and adds a tilt to our competitive analysis studies…”
They use case studies!
Thanks for that reader’s generous sharing of ideas and links.

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Henry Singleton and Teledyne: A Study in Excellent Capital Allocation

Warren Buffett probably borrowed much from Dr. Henry Singleton while building Berkshire Hathaway from a money losing textile producer to a multi-billion dollar conglomerate.

The article below is an excellent study in what a great capital allocator can accomplish.  I find it ironic that courses in corporate finance at business schools neglect this study.


After ruminating on the above article, think about what you might use in your investing.