Reading of Interest: Market Perspective Since the 1800s

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Two excellent blogs we can learn from:

And thanks to a reader, we have a chart book of markets since the 1800s for perspective. Fascinating!  The Longest Picture

Marie Eveillard

Another investor with an Austrian perspective on the gold market:

Investment Fees:

 Chanos Discusses Value Traps

 Chanos Value Traps June 2012 and more on Chanos:



Try to go the extra mile and look up the financials of any company he speaks about. What can you use from studying his presentation?

One response to “Reading of Interest: Market Perspective Since the 1800s

  1. Hi John,

    It seems to me that the Value Traps all have terminal value problems.

    I appreciate the link and the compliment. FWIW, your blog was a big inspiration to me to start and continue working on mine, so thank you.

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