Value Vault Update; Approved for Transplant and Emerging Market Value Investing

Value Vault Update

Many have been having troubles opening the Value Vault. The main problem is the size of the folder; there is a 2 Gig limit. Splitting folders means multiple emailing of keys. I get 10 requests a day so time constraints make this a hassle.  Yes, there is Google, Dropbox and many other choices than

To make this blog more assessable for learning, I will post the videos up on this blog and the important books. All case studies, documents and more obscure books, I will place in a folder (less than 2 Gigs)  or two and then email out all the keys.

This blog will no longer have advertising on it. The videos will have the corresponding case studies and financials for ease of study.  Once that is up, you have about 10 valuation case studies with videos to develop your skills along with all the prior posts.

I have all your emails, so you won’t be forgotten when I email out the new keys. You will see the videos going up by tomorrow.

I have been finally approved as a kidney donor so I wait for the date of my surgery. More blood samples, CAT scans and X-rays have been taken of me than any lab rat. Ready to go so the recipient doesn’t have to suffer dialysis or death.

Quiz for emerging market value investors

Your company has been given a concession to open a resort on the North coast of Cuba. What recommendation would you make to your investment committee? What should your required rate of return be?

5 responses to “Value Vault Update; Approved for Transplant and Emerging Market Value Investing

  1. I would suggest to not to start a resort in Cuba… I think mainly of 2 reasons for not opening a resort in Cuba…1. Dictatorship – Any day Dictator can order to close down Business.. 2. People don’t have money to feed. The probability of making money in this kind of environment is very low…

  2. Good luck with your surgery John! Thanks a bunch for the fantastic value blog (my favorite)!

    Be well and all the best to you,


  3. Praveen Tipirneni

    Good luck with your surgery. I have gotten a lot out of your blog. Thanks for all the work.

    Take care,


  4. If you’re not coming back I’m taking over the site, changing the colors to red and the meaning of the C in csinvesting… that should give you enough incentive.

    As for the Cuba investment, I think 700% within a couple of years would be enough to cover a downside of 100% with the hope to sell it out quickly. Why not.

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