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More Greenwald Videos; Canadian Value Inv. Blog; The Panic of 1893 (The Silver Panic)

Videos on Greenwald (2012) and Other Investors: A GREAT VALUE INVESTING RESOURCE:    (Check it out!) The Panic of 1893 In  the years preceding the outbreak of the panic, the nation’s money was victim to flagrant mismanagement by the … Continue reading

Greenwald Videos (11-15)

More Greenwald Videos File 11: File 12: File 13: File 14: File 15: More videos Sign up for value investing news at Value Vault My recovery is a bit slow but I hope … Continue reading

All Greenwald Lecture Videos (2005 and 2010) on Value Investing

Videos: Just go into the folders and download. I hope you learn from them. I have yet to swee the 2010 videos. Bruce   Greenwald Value Investing Class Videos 2010 View this folder   Part two Greenwald   2010 Videos … Continue reading

DEEP VALUE Videos on Net/Nets and Investing

How is it possible that an issue with the splendid records of Tonopah Mining should sell at less than the company’s cash assets alone? Three explanations of this strange situation may be given. The company’s rich mines at Tonopah are … Continue reading

Li Lu’s Lecture; Value Investing Videos

JUN 24, 2010 Li Lu’s 2010 Lecture at Columbia Many of you enjoyed my previous transcript of a talk Li Lu gave at Columbia University. Thanks to Joe Koster, you can now view a more recent lecture he gave to Bruce Greenwald’s value investing … Continue reading

Value Vault Videos and Book Folders

  VALUE VAULT VIDEOS AND BOOKS   Books View Folder Bruce Greenwald Valuation and VI Videos 2005 View Folder Bruce Greenwald Value Investing Class Videos 2010 View Folder                        Bruce Greenwald Videos Part two View Folder Greenblatt Videos View … Continue reading

Greenwald 2010 Lectures (6 through 10)

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. –W.B. Yeats Greenwald 2010 (6-10) Videos Here’s the link to file 6: Here’s the link to file 7: Here’s the link to file 8: Here’s … Continue reading

Greenwald Lectures 2010 (1-5)

On a balance a balance sheet, a dollar of equity capital, leveraged by debt, is a very different proposition from the plain dollar, unleveraged. By the borrowing, a company can expand its assets and therefore its sales and earnings. A … Continue reading

The Qualities of a Good Analyst; 100-to-1 Master Class

Confidence vs. Humility 1Q17 | Bill Nygren Market Commentary (Abridged) see: http://1Q17-Bill-Nygren-Market-Commentary March 31, 2017 At Oakmark, we are long-term investors. We attempt to identify growing businesses that are managed to benefit their shareholders. We will purchase stock in those businesses … Continue reading

A Reader’s Suggestion for DEEP VALUE COURSE

I have recently received many suggestions to improve this course. There are almost 600 people in our group with many different backgrounds and experiences.  There may be advanced students who wish to discuss current case studies (Why is DLX, Deluxe, … Continue reading