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The Secret to Investing Success (Munger Tip)

The secret to investing is to figure out what something is worth and then pay a whole lot less for it.–Joel Greenblatt Thanks to a reader for the suggestion and link:   UPDATE on LXK I sold out today: … Continue reading

Preventing Recession; Secret to Investing, Fascism, Billionaire lessons

Kill the poor? A government secret meeting on a full-proof method to prevent recessions. Brilliant! The Secret to Investing? Fascism Billionaire Secrets China’ Run on the Treasury

The Secret of Successful Investing or A Pig Farmer Makes a Killing

Eventually we will discuss investable ideas but now we have to develop a reference library of readings and case studies to have a framework to place investments into context. Most of the investing public craves immediate gratification or as this song says, … Continue reading

Case Studies on Buffett’s Investing: NYU Course This April

 The Fundamentals of Buffett-Style Investing Learn the investment techniques of Warren Buffett, the world’s most legendary investor. Examine case studies of Buffett’s acquisitions in order to review the real-world principles that the “Oracle of Omaha” uses to pick companies. Topics … Continue reading

The Secret to Success: Being Ridiculed on Social Media; Hedge Fund Analyst Quiz; The End

Jesse Felder, a Contrarian Trader   Listen to the podcast and explore The Felder Report Hedge Fund Quiz The only way to win a date is to become a hedge fund analyst.  Your interview process requires you to analyze a real estate/mining … Continue reading

The Secret to Good Returns

Update on a Reader’s Question About Investing; Greenblatt Offers Advice

A reader asks what to do with his $150,000: This post is a follow-up. First, I would do nothing until you know what you are doing. As Jim Rogers said, “Don’t do anything until you see money laying in … Continue reading

The Danger of Investing in a Technology Franchise (Nokia) Learning from mistakes CsInvesting: This is an important lesson for investors who buy technology “franchises.” Companies like MSFT, CSCO or Nokia that have or had high returns on capital. In the interests of full disclosure, I bought Nokia (NOK) … Continue reading

Comprehensive List of Investing Books

Ordway Letter As per the last post:, I mentioned signing up for a free newsletter at Below is an example of his letter. His reading list on value investing is  comprehensive. My suggestion is to read the Intelligent Investor … Continue reading

Free Lectures on Austrian Economics; Do Value Investors Add Value? Investing Wisdom for the Young

Austrian Economics Mises Academy at (click on academy tab) is offering a free lecture on microeconomics. Register and attend the free lecture by Peter Klein. You will get a flavor for the courses. I have taken several and have enjoyed … Continue reading